Solution : video and audio out of sync when exporting as mp4 – powerpoint 2016 Mac

Solution : video and audio out of sync when exporting as mp4 – powerpoint 2016 Mac

I was given a powerpoint slides with movie recorded in it, when I tried to export it on a Mac into the mp4 format, for my first slides the video and audio is out of sync for the first slide. It becomes ok when we jumped onto the second slide onward.

I have tried numerous methods including creating a new ppt with a different template and manually copy the content over and tried exporting again. That did not work for me.

I checked the online thread from Microsoft on this problem. Thread 1 and Thread 2.

The solutions provided on the Microsoft site hinted that as long as we export the video and compress it using 3rd party software and reimport that into Powerpoint again that would resolve the issue. On a Window version of Powerpoint the solution is somewhat simpler.

The following solution was inspired by the posting from Microsoft. What I did in the following section have helped me resolved my problems.

Step 1.

Select the video and click on Playback option.

Select Trim Video.

Step 2.

Trim a couple of seconds of the video.

Step 3

Go to the Transitions effect to adjust the time for the slide and you are done.

Final Words

For the longest time windows’ version of Office product is different from that of Mac. I think it is high time Microsoft work on single version much like the push of C# to the open source world where one code base runs everywhere.

Mac users are paying customers and are first class citizen as well.

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