Comparative Analysis of Niche Large Language Models: Yi, OpenHermes, Qwen, Orca-mini, Zephyrs, CodeLLaMA, and More

As the demand for specialized functionalities in AI increases, a plethora of large language models (LLMs) are being developed, each tailored to particular niches. This article delves into several such models: Yi, OpenHermes, Qwen, Orca-mini, Zephyrs, and CodeLLaMA, and discusses a few other notable models. 1. Yi Yi: Developed with a focus on multilingual capabilities, […]


Comparing Different Large Language Models: LLaMA, Phi, OpenAI, and Mistral

In recent years, the development of large language models (LLMs) has significantly advanced, with various organizations releasing models tailored for different purposes. In this article, we will explore the differences between several prominent LLMs: Facebook’s LLaMA (versions 2 and 3), Anthropic’s Phi (version 3), OpenAI’s models, and AI21 Labs’ Mistral. 1. LLaMA (Large Language Model […]

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What happened to the original terminal after you have installed iTerm2 with Powerlevel10K?

To prettify the terminal, we replaces the Mac builtin terminal with iTerm2 and Powerlevel10K. However, right after installation you might realized that your original terminal is broken like the following: The reason for the above is that we have the wrong font settings for the original terminal app. You see from the image that I […]

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How to have nice and colorful Mac Terminal ~ Steps to configure iTerms2 and OMZ

Step 1 : Install iTerms2 Assuming that you already have homebrew installed. Run the following command: If you do not have homebrew, Download iTerms2 here. iTerms is a lot more colorful than the default terminal, with this download your terminal will looks much more alive. Step 2: Install Oh My Zsh Go to Oh My […]


Mystery resolved: Hugo sitemap.xml rendering localhost instead of domain name

Started playing around with Hugo over the weekend. It is really a super fast and well implemented rendering engine. When I deploy the website to the production environment and submit the sitemap to Google Search console, I get the following error: After checking the various locations, I realized that I will have to be very […]

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Best way to export everything from Notion to Apple Notes?

I have been using notions for over a year. I have only been using the basic functions of notions. With recent updates from Apple Notes, I am experimenting the possibilities of replacing notion with Apple Notes. I am having trouble exporting everything that I have from notion to Apple note. I exported my notes in […]

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Solution : video and audio out of sync when exporting as mp4 – powerpoint 2016 Mac

I was given a powerpoint slides with movie recorded in it, when I tried to export it on a Mac into the mp4 format, for my first slides the video and audio is out of sync for the first slide. It becomes ok when we jumped onto the second slide onward. I have tried numerous […]



在過去的幾個月中,我面試了許多擁有豐富技術背景的管理人才。這些人因為工作表現出色,逐漸晉升為小組主管或經理。 兩大關鍵面試問題 面試過程中,我經常會在確認面試者的技術能力之後,進一步探討他們的領導風格。我最常問的問題是:「你在管理人員時最害怕什麼?」經常收到的回答是:「害怕遇到不主動回報進度的人。」 接著,我會延伸這個問題,進一步詢問:「那麼你通常如何處理這種情況?」 面試者的回答通常可以分為三種類型: 高效管理方法 1. 空杯策略 當我不熟悉團隊成員的能力和個性時,我會採用「空杯」的心態,逐步評估和信任他們。每當他們成功交付工作,證明自己是值得信賴的,我會在這個「空杯」中加入「水」,即增加對他們的信任和責任。 這個過程也會是我和團隊之間的磨合階段。 讓彼此對彼此的溝通方式、產出預期水平、習慣和底線有更好的理解。 2. 快速驗證 作為一名專業的管理人員,快速驗證工作產出是非常重要的。例如,一個為期兩週的項目可以被分成多個檢驗點,每個檢驗點都應該有明確的實際產出。 在某些特定情況下,尤其是面對經驗豐富的員工,我會選擇用「滿杯」的策略,即一開始就給予高度的信任和責任。 這個前提假設是是對方的能力到位, 經驗足夠,也可以快速的進入狀況和理解需求。 一段關係只要有了信任,可以讓許多的細節快轉、讓各個齒輪呢喃著共鳴的節奏, 讓一切可以加速進行。 潛在弊端 這個方法需要預先進行充分的溝通。若是對方缺乏相關經驗或者心理準備不足,則可能會產生不良影響。 總之,儘管這個方法有其局限性,但在大多數情況下,它能幫助我們實現「小步快跑,快速驗證」的目標。

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