Basic Anaconda command prompt commands for various common tasks


Commands for managing virtual python environment

Use the following commands via mac’s terminal application.

Display% conda infoTo display information about the current anaconda installation
List% conda env listTo list all python environment setup in your computer.

* sign refers to the default environment
Create% conda create –name [name of env] python=3.7 numpyCreate a brand new virtual anaconda environment with specific python version and packages.

Environment created by anaconda navigator 2.1.2 on MacOS Montery is located at

Activate%conda activate –name [name of env]To activate a named environment
Deactivate%conda deactivateTo deactivate the current environment
List%conda listTo list all active package in the current active environment
List with revision%conda list –revisionTo list all revision for the current environment
Rollback%conda install –revision 1To rollback to revision 1
Delete%conda env remove –name [name of env]
To remove an environment
Anaconda navigator 2.1.2