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How to get Flutter path after installing using Homebrew for use in Android Studio

Homebrew makes installation and updates of programs and application easy. The command to check info, list packages installed, upgrade and uninstall is made intuitive and simple with homebrew. Consequently, I have switched from downloading flutter directly from flutter website to homebrew. When I fires up my android studio, I am asked for the path to […]

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Android Studio Brackets Coloring

As a personal preference, it might be easier during parentheses matching that the IDE automatically color the open and close bracket using the same color. This is prevalent in coding language like Flutter which is heavy on the widget configuration. In order to do this, simply goes to Preferences-> Plugins->Marketplace and search for Rainbow Brackets. […]


Flutter doctor error –[!] Xcode – develop for iOS and macOS (Xcode 14.3.1)Flutter doctor error –✗ CocoaPods not installed

Was trying to setup Android Studio and flutter on my Intel Mac. Did not face this issue when using the Apple silicon Mac. Steps to resolve: Step 1: Install active support gem I have to run the above command as prompted before installing cocoapods as it prompts that my Ruby is outdated.     After […]

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